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The NEW Hard Target does not disappoint with there debut music video “Get Out MY Yard” check it out.. i personally love this music that all of theses guys put out.. so make sure you look out for more from them.. coming from Reckless Timez Magazine

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DJ Paul on Psychopathic Records?

In case you haven’t heard Insane Clown Posse and Da Mafia 6 recently joined forces calling themselves the “Killjoy Club” and released an album called “Reindeer Games.” I personally was blown away, and shocked at the DOPE factor this record has, but that will all be exposed in the full album review coming soon.


On the last track of the “Reindeer Games” album DJ Paul does what most fans of Three 6 Mafia call the promo track. This is usually the last track on the record and holds all the info for upcoming projects.

DJ Paul states that Da Mafia 6 has a new album coming soon called “Watch What You Wish For” as well as ICP. Then goes on to say: “You better, you better be on the look out for the new DJ Paul solo album dropping through Psychopathic.”